My sister is going to USA after a couple of days and i'm thinking of asking her to buy new pickups for me because the dollar is low and i can save much money on buying it there rather than here in iceland.

I'm thinking of changing pickups on my other guitar that i rarely use nowadays it´s a ESP/LTD M-10 (begginner guitar) it's basswood i think, though this is a cheap guitar i think it's decent and want to make it better so i can use it more often for other tunings (the other guitar has a floating trem so i almost never use other tunings than E standard).

So i went on Dimarzio.com and on pickup finder and top 3 where

Bridge position

1. Super Distortion
2. X2N
3. Super 3

Neck position

1. Paf Pro
2. Breed Neck
3. Paf Joe

I think it has to have a pretty high output where i configured the guitar to be in D, C and sometimes B standard.

Are there any other pickups that you would reccomend, other than EMG's? (i don't have anything against them but don't i have to rout the guitar or some for the batteries or some?)

some Seymour Duncan maybe?

And please don't say buy a new amp (i have a Fender FM 212R and im fully aware that it's not good ) tube amps are just FAR to expensive for me atm (both used and new) but i have a Metal Muff that makes the amp decent for me imo. And i know that a pickup change will not be that much of an improvement but still it's something .
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Props for the Disarmonia Mundi dude,,,
I have a Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck slot on one of my guitars,,,,and it is the best pickup I've ever heard, I can't really give you a whole lot more advice from personal experience, but for Higher gain stuff Dimarzio's will generally be a better fit than Duncans.