Play it before you buy it. I have never touched that guitar, but I am looking into buying a PRS SE guitar. All I can say is play it before you buy it. It might not be for you.

Good luck mate.
bought it and returned it. its nothing special dude. Just average. Dont let the PRS name fool you. It would still be fine, but dont limit yourself to just that model.
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One of my friends has that guitar, its a very nice guitar, great sound, pretty fast neck, pretty versatile, it plays very closely to my g-400, better than my g-400 tho.
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yeah and i really liked it - good quality for the price - i dont like the non carved look though.
Its a nice guitar but not quite a REAL PRS if you know what I mean. For the price you would be better off getting something that doesn't have PRS on the headstock. In that price range for that style of guitar look into Schecter maybe.
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It will play like a 600 dollar guitar should, no better than any other 600 dollar guitar though. And yes I have played one.
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It's a nice guitar, if you try it out and decide to get one, especially with the trem bridge get some locking tuners for it. It's definitely not a custom 24, 22, or a 513 but for this price range it will cover most anything well.
i like wat u play schamburglar. partially bc thats what i play!! yay crappy epiphone!!! but marshall rules