I'm getting a tube amp, and I need a pedal for it. I mostly play Classic Rock (AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, ink Floyd, 70s stuff) and a little metal (Iron Maiden, Metallica) so what is a good pedal that can get me both types of stuff?

And what's the difference between Overdrive and Distortion???
Im in the same situation you are. For your classic rock you should probably get a Boss Overdrive/Distortion pedal. Overdrive is a cleaner gain than distortion is, it sounds more natural and earthy thats the difference. I dunno if that can do metal though so id say the the Metal Zone also.
so like Boss DS-1? I listened to some sound clips I like Overdrive MUCH better than Distortion. The SD-1 (dist.) sounds like my 15-watt fender frontman with all the gain turned up, while the DS-1 (OD) sounds like the 70s style rock I play. sweet.

How is the Bad Monkey Pedal compared to the Boss DS-1 or the Tubescreamer?
dont get the DS-1, its a cheap pedal and it doesnt do metal very well, at least over here it doesnt. Go try a bunch of pedals out, thats what im going to do soon, but trying it out yourself before you buy it at a shop is so much easier. I didnt try the DS-1 before i bought it, and now im dissapointed by it, so always try before you buy.
I use a Ibanez tube screamer for classic rock and a EHX metal muff for any metal or higher gain stuff. Im not really sure of a pedal that can do both. I think a Jekyll and Hyde has both OD and dist but Ive never used one. I would just get each separate and find pedals that are perfect for each thing you want. Both my pedals do exactly what I want them to do and its worth the extra money. An all-in-one distortion pedal is either going to be a lot more expensive or not very high quality. I could be wrong though but when I was looking for pedals I had to get 2 separate pedals for all the sounds I want.

Edit: I saw you were asking about the Bad Monkey. I hear its a really great budget alternative to a TS9. At half the price its a pretty good value.
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There's a big difference between Overdrive and Distortion. It's all about the signal from your guitar to the amp. Overdrive takes the signal from your guitar and "boosts" it so your amp is pushed harder. Distortion is an effect that is added to the signal. Which is better for your situation? The overdrive would be better for Classic Rock, while the Distortion would be better for Metal. With Distortion though, you could get a light distortion and pull off a classic rock tone.
cool. so I'll get a tubescreamer, but which type should I get? a ts9? a ts7? a ts808? or a ts9deluxe?

TS7 is $40
TS9 is regular $100 one
TS9 deluxe is $120 and has an extra knob for like extra gain or something
TS808 is the vintage one $180.

I kinda wanna spend as little money as possible for the most sound and rite now i'm leaning to the TS9 deluxe even though I've never tried it before. (I've only tried the TS9 which is alright, I kinda like the DS-1 better from the soundclips) But which Tubescreamer is the best?
I like the TS9 the best because I dont think the extra $20 is worth it for the deluxe and the 808 was more than I wanted to spend. You might want to try the deluxe and see if you like it more than the regular TS9. I really love mine, its my most most used pedal by far. Its got a great range of overdrive.

if you get a chance, try the bad monkey and see what you think compared to the TS9. If you like it just as much you can save $50 right there.
yea I'm going to guitar center to try out some SGs soon, I'll try out the Boss, Tubescreamer, And Bad monkeyy there. I can get discounts if They're display models right?
guitar center doesn't give discounts on effect pedals, only on guitars, thats what i know