if anything, you need more RAM... you mean free up RAM?
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Jesus Christ since when is the Pit a ****ing courtroom...

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why would you want less ram

and if you do, just open up your computer and pull a few sticks out
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Thousands upon thousands of people yelling "IcyHot"...

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She looks like she has triforces in her eyes...

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*sigh* yet again, only on UG would somebody rush to their computer to tell the pit when their lives or property are in dire trouble.
Sell the Dodges and buy a Pontiac.
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Ummm, petrol? Nip down to your local petrol station, buy a litre of the stuff and soak your balls in it, light them up and start playing with them.
Take a file and just shave the extra ram off that chip.
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Rub icy ho- wait, less RAM? Why would you want less RAM?
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Aliens can invade us. Apparently you've never heard of pearl harbor

Er, then insert more RAM.

Excess RAM means RAM you've got but aren't using/don't need - that would imply you have too much of it.
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No, I want some so I can download this comic book creator.

do you not have the space to save it? or can you not even start the download? because RAM isn't save space.
You need to get rid of excess files that take up memory on your hard drives. Assuming you use Windows:

Just go to My Computer, then to your C or D drive, find useless movies or pictures and delete them.


Go to My Computer, then to Control Panel, then to Add/Remove Programs, and remove useless programs.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
Give me your ram! My ewe needs a sire.
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