How much is this amp worth. It is a Vox Cambridge 15. I am a beginning guitarist, mostly want to play blues and classic rock, nothing heavy, have a budget of $100. Should i get it?
looks nice enough... and for 33$ it should at least be worth what you pay for...
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its an old high bred it uses a tube and transistors amp it seems alright for your budget if thats all you have but for an extra 50 bucks you could get a real tube amp a epiphone valve junior combo and trust me the 50 bucks is ****ing worth it
It's a nice little amp, yeah. I do support the idea of spending a bit extra and nabbing one of those cheap five watt all-tube amps that have been flooding the market lately- any one of those would be great. Look at Epi Valve Juniors, Crate Palomino V8s, Peavey Royal 8s, or the Fender Champion 600.