Alright guys,
I have a solid-state and really want that tube goodness.
I chose the Fender Blonde Blues Jr. or the Epiphone Valve Junior Half-Stack.
I love the fact that the Blues Jr. is tried and true and will guarantee me that sweet sound, but The Half-Stack is only $250, looks great, and I only need 5w. Is the Blues Jr. that much better? It seems like I'm getting more bang for the buck with the Epiphone especially with the Eminence speakers and everything. Tell me what to do. I would prefer to pay $250 if the sound is not that much of a difference.

And I have a good guitar to go with it, Schecter C-1.


Go for the Fender amp, ive tried it and ****! it delivers
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Blues Jr. >>> VJ "halfstack"

More power, along with tone and gain controls, and reverb. And, really, a much nicer tone.

Not sure why you feel you only need 5W, but if you ever get to jamming with friends or gigging, you'll be very happy to have those 15W on tap. And in the bedroom, you can use the master volume to tame the amp and get better OD at lower volumes than you would with the VJ.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Bought the Fender Blonde Blues Jr. I'm excited. I cannot wait to finally play on tube. It looks beautiful also.