Ive been a fan of 80's metal ever since i picked up a guitar. There's just something about it... It doesn't have to be heavy to be metal!

Anyway, theres a particular pickup i want to put onto one of my guitars. I just dont know the name of it!

Listen to 2:38-2:43 of Iron Maiden's "Powerslave", And 0:17-0:35 of Metallica's "one".

Please respond soon. Thanks!
I can tell you that the pickups that Dave Murray from Iron Maiden uses Seymour Duncan Hot Rails, Adrian Smith uses SRV Texas Special Pickups (neck and middle).. (according to wikipedia) and DiMarzio Super Distortion (bridge). Metallica (James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett) use EMGs.

Make sure you have the right tone coming from your amp if you really want to have their sound.
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