I just watched a couple youtube vids of people playing through the Epiphone Valve jr combo. I am a bit shocked at what the little amp can do. The cleans where clean, further cranked it gives a blues type sound and cranked it sounds really good, but that was through some one elses guitar. It was crunchy distortion, not fuzz like my little solid state G10 MKII marshall.

Guitar center is asking 150 bucks for the amp, seems pretty good to me. But there is no gain or tone knobs. I suppose I should go down to guitar center and check one out.

I don't need anything massive here as I usualy just sit and play for my self or a couple people
You could solve the "lack of knobs" problem with a couple of pedals. An overdrive, a graphic EQ...

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I prefer the Palomino V8. Bigger, better speaker, as well as tone and gain controls. Check it out.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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Be sure to check other small tube amps in the same pricerange, such as the fender champion 600, peavey valveking royal 8, harley benton ga5 and as mentioned before the palomino v8.
A V8 i think would be better overall. I really like the Crate, especially thru something like a Strat. Id rather get a Crate, especially for playing smaller gigs.
That combo will make your OD/Distortion pedals sounds really good. It's a good amp. I sold a Fab Tone pedal the other day and used a Valve Jr combo to demo it to the seller. It made the pedal sound so good I almost wanted to keep it, and felt a little guilty that when the buyer got home it wouldn't sound near as good with his amp.