Can someone tell me some good acoustic songs that are easy to sing and play but still sound cool plz (not hey there delilah) .. im not much of an acoustic song listener but i like to play them..
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car or Talkin' bout a revolution

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Pearl Jam's cover of "Last Kiss".

"Swim", "Paperfaces", and "Suffocate" by Feeder are a few others I can think of too.
Trains- Porcupine Tree.
Auto Pilot- QOTSA.
Would?- Alice in Chains
Fake Plastic Trees- Radiohead
Traffic- Stereophonics
It's gonna be a blue day
karma police, lucky, fake plastic trees -radiohead
desecration smile, under the bridge, snow -rhcp
linger -cranberries
sewn -the feeling
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Halogen Lights
the nighwatchman album pick as song and go for it
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Any Beatles?

Let It Be, Blackbird, Yesterday , While My Guitar Weeps, Yellow Submarine.... ALOT.

James Blunt?:P
wet sand - red hot chili peppers
its very easy but i think its cool
Patience - Guns N' Roses
Journeyman - Iron Maiden
Layla (Unplugged/Acoustic) - Eric Clapton
A bunch of other songs by clapton
Anything by Bob Dylan (e.g. Knocking on heavens door, like a rolling stone, all along the watchtower)
Half the songs from Led Zeppelin III
joseph arthur - in the sun
joseph arthur - honey and the moon

both really nice songs ( need capo ) and easy to sing along to

anything moldy peaches
whos got the crack
anyone else but you
(for the ladies)
steak for chicken
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
Infinity spirals out creation.

Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
Layla - Eric Clapton
Led Zeppelin III
Yesterday - The Beatles
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zep

3D!T: How could I forget Nothing Else Matters?
pink floyd - wish you were here
green day- time of your life
GNR- used to love her
Led Zeppelin- Stairway to heaven
great acoustic lessons/videos
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