So I downloaded a BF1942 .iso from isohunt, and installed it and installed Forgotten Hope (mod that makes BF1942 an enjoyable game). Its been pretty tough. I ripped Rome: Total War and that was WAY easier. Nothing aggravates me more than when you try to steal a game that will soon be like a decade old, and its still protected like its a friggin CIA document. Its not like anybody is going to actually buy the game, it BLOWS.

ANYWAYS, I need a CD key. The pack that I downloaded came with a CD key that worked fine until I tried connected to a FH server, and it said invalid CD key. Happens on every server I try. So now I need a working CD key and I'm probably going to have to install everything AGAIN. I've been looking on gameburnworld.com with no luck.
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Yeah I tried the similar when I was desperate for the game. I just kept getting crap keys and got fed up of reinstalling it. Ended up just buying the game, it's only like £15 anyway now
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you need to play on private servers
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Playing games online typically requires a valid cdkey, because they are checked with the authentication server. Thus, some random cdkey off the internet or from a key generator will allow to install the game and play single-player, but not multiplayer, duh.

Also your usage of the term 'ripping' is incorrect.
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