With snowboarding season right around the corner, my little Sonys had to die out on me; so now I'm up for recommendations.
My last set were these.

I'd like them to be pretty good quality. Price isn't an issue, but nothing extravagently expensive. Also, no Skullcandy.
I actually like some of the Skullcandy products. To be honest, I have a set of like fifteen dollar Phillips heaphones from BestBuy. They work for me, and they are in-ear's.

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I am in a similar boat. Also, Skullcandy are garbage. I bought a pair of the smokin buds to replace the stock ipod headphones and the stock one have a better frequency response. They are also way too expensive, stay away!
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Sennheiser or Audio-Technica. I have a pair of ATH-A500 cans from A-T and they are simply AMAZING. Every song is an eargasm of instrumental sound.

Hold on, I'll try and get up pics.

EDIT: Here they are. $90 from AudioCubes.

And this is how they would look around one's head.

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Skullcandy is horrible. I have a pair of in-ear buds and they stink up the place like a smelly ol' fart.
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no. the best headphones are the $15 sonys from best buy. theyre white/grey, green/yellow, blue or pink. you cant miss them. IMO the best sound quality for in ear headphones. plus they dont fall out
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