A few years back on Attack of the show, there was this thing about some game where you had to hunt down other players and "kill" them with water guns. Looked pretty sweet. Anyone remember what it was called?
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It's called Hitman, and it's a terrible idea, a kid got killed by playing that game.
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I've played it with a group of like 30-35 people who put down 5 bucks each in a pot. pot was around 170 bucks which was nice for some fun. too bad I was retarded and got killed by the person I was supposed to kill in the first round. And to make me look like even more of an idiot, my girlfriend won, but it was definitely because she drew nothing but friends (soooo lucky in this game)
That game always sounded like fun.

Its on Wikipedia, "Assassins" for more Info.
This sounds like a lot of fun

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