If I use these Chords in a progression, what key whould I be in.?And what scale could I use?


E minor , D Major, C Major, B Major.
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Yes, but arent' all those chords in the Em key? They seem to be. Lay down som riffage in E natural minor and you should be able to tell if it's in key.
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You don't play your scales "out of the box", you just play them in a really big box.
true, the first chord doesnt always determine the scale, however this would be in Em, for the most part. technically, the Bmajor should be a minor, but adding the D# (Eb) in the B major gives it the E harmonic minor feel, which is always cool. you'll be fine in E natural minor as far as soloing.
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are you shure? just because Em is the first chord doesint always meen thats the key.

E minor. Every single note fits with the harmonic scale, and the raised 7th (D#) in Bm makes for a perfect cadence.
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