Question about the EMG's...
ok, so, I've heard amazing things about the c-1 hellraiser. I've been looking for one in my area just to play to see if i like it. Well, final guitar center got one in. I went to play it and i was very disappointed with the sound... VERY. It sounded nothing like anything I've ever heard with active EMG's, even cheaper guitars like jacksons, Ibanez, and LTD(? forgot what i played that day).

So, i was wondering since it did have active pickups, could it be because the batteries were dead. Remember, it did make a sound just wasn't a pleasant one.
either the batteries or the amp you were using.....the guitar should sound good.
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could be the battery. or even a bad solder. try another one at another dealer.
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Exactly, what amp where you using? Also, was the guitar in tune? If they just got one in, I wouldn't think the batts would be dead...
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I tried it on 4 different amps, same amps i used the others one. Including Line 6 spider valve (it's the bogner one) and Vox ad50vt (amp i own) and others that happens to escape my brain. It was deffinantly in tune.
So, i assume it to be the batteries as a problem.