I was considering purchasing a new psp after looking at all the sweet hacks for it.But because of the new firmware I was worring i couldn't do it.
Here are the things i want do do
-Play psp games using memory stick
-Emulate gameboy games [only the ones i bought already ]
-Play PSX games

Could anyone help me out with instructions or point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.

(i'm sure someone already asked a similar question but i want a up to date answer)
I belong to the same forum. I have the same User Name there too.
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Thanks dude this forum helped out but i'm still a little confused on how to get FF7 wich i own to work
oooo dude FF7 on psp takes a while whatever you do DONT upgrade your psp untill you knows whats going on,but if you have any questions on how to get FF7 on your psp just pm me