What is the best amp i can buy under $100, for blues and classic rock, so i don't need the heavy distortion for metal and heavy rock, i will have a digitech bad monkey, a fender fat strat, and i want to buy used, off of ebay or craigslist.
Epi VJ or maybe a palomino V8

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

how much under a hundred do you have?

because imo, you should at least save up for the epi vj.

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my parents are buying it for me for my birthday, i have no money, they said i have a $100 because it is my first amp, but i don't plan on being the next jimi or anything like that, and i just need to practice in my room so i dont need anything loud, so i would rather just make this my only amp.
They're not that great, it's just a budget solid-state. With the Epi, though, you get two things.

1. A great little amp, perfect for what you want to play, and extremely simple.
2. A great little amp that'll last you. This is the important part when compared to that Peavey Rage thing.
He said he's buying used, you could definatly find a Valve Jr. for under $100.
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