Hey, i need some help here. I'm getting a new guitar soon. I'm pretty in to playing metal, but I'd like a guitar where I can play any type of music and it will still sound good for between $750 and $1000(if possible). Any suggestions? Thanks!
Well theres the metal Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR for around $800
You could get a Stratocaster with some humbuckers, very versatile
Maybe an Ibanez...I have a low-end one and it sounds very decent for most genres while still being made for metal
Well look at the
Lag Arkane Flamed - AF200 Amber
Lag Arkane Flamed - AF200 Dark Cherry
Lag Arkane Flamed - AF200 Royale Blue Shadow
there all the same guitars , it's just for the different colors you might like
I think the Amber and the Royale Blue Shadow are cool
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Look into some Ibanez RG Prestige models. They're within your price range, and awesome guitars. Most models require a pickup change to realize their full potential, but you can afford that too.
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, p90s=instant un-metal. for versatility, HSS setup should be wat ur looking at. so fender USA strat, and swich out the bridge pickup to something higher output...maybe a Dimarzio?
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yeah, and certainly fitting for ANY KIND OF MUSIC

oh lol i just read metal, but still