after watching these vids


http://youtube.com/watch?v=O_KXoItaAU0 (i like the ska-ish tone they get on this vid)

i kinda wanna get a cheep like 200-300 dollar classical guitar for like playing on the go or at parks...i will be playing modern music nothing classical but i like the tone it gives...is this a practical idea
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If you dig the tone of nylon, then yes. Check out your options here. I prefer steel-stringed guits, myself.

By the way, what an incredibly stupid comment you have in your sig. I realize you didn't say it, but sigging it reflects poorly on you.
alright thanks and sry bro about the sig, ill change it.

edit: also do u have any recomendations are certian brands?
I'll defer to people more knowledgable than myself, because I know next to nothing about classical guitars. I'm sure others will be along soon to help you. Best of luck, and thank you for removing that comment from your sig.
Yeah, go for it, alot of people do that. I bought a used La Patrie (part of Godin) for about 300 bucks or so a few years back when I started Flamenco at university but I still use it to just mess around on for either classical or rock. You can play some pretty cool stuff on it and turning electric leads out on a classical just sounds awesome.
there's not really such thing as a "ska-tone." Ska is a style.


Walden Natura series are a good bet

Alvarez AC60s
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[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']I see Reel Big failed to tune the classical? Or, is it "close enough for rock 'n roll" ? - Like a friend of mine who can't tune his guitar says

tbh i dont think they really care, looks like there just chillin and havin a good time

but anyone else got any more suggestions? : D