I recorded a few songs with my Presonus Firebox and an AkG condenser mic awhile ago. let me know what you think, only the second song has vocals btw. If you want you can send me a link to your music and ill tell you what i think too. www.myspace.com/jordanpreisinger
hey there jordantheaxe man whats up dude?

the first one is okay

i don't like the melody very much but the strumming patterns are unique

and i can't really understand what's going on in the second song...sounds like your vocals and guitar are both out of tune and sync

the third song is actually not too bad...i'll give you some props on that tune

Hey man,
The first track is definitely a song in the making. Just toss some vocals on it. Not bad at all.
Your voice has potential. Just work on making it a little more stable. Practice makes perfect. A little Bright Eyes-y maybe.
This last track is again pretty decent. I'm guessing you're not that comfortable singing/playing at the same time yet, and that's why there isn't vocals on the two songs. Maybe? Anyways, if so, just practice the hell out of the guitar riffs until you don't need to think about them, and then just start humming and messing around. You've got a sound developing, and the guitar is sounding pretty good. Just work on your vocals and putting the two together.

By the way, I noticed you're from ontario. I'm kind of near London. I realize that's a pretty good distance from you, but still, kinda cool
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thanks for your input, i can sing and play guitar at the same time pretty well. Im just terrible at writing lyrics so i couldn't decide on any for the other two songs :S. And ya haha London is only about 3 hours away from me so thats pretty cool :P