hey guys, quick question...

Ive been playing bass for about a year and a half but I never took the time to learn scales (I know, bad choice)

what scales should I learn?


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All major, all minor, all dorian, all phyrgian, all lydian, all mixolydian, and all locrian. Those are your basic scales. Although you can also learn major and minor pentatonics, bebop, harmonic minor, melodic minor, and whole tone, as well as the ever popular chromatic.
Major, minor, pentatonics, and blues are good places to start. Knowing those will definitely give you a good enough footing for now, but you may want to broaden your horizons with all those modes with funny names that JRF mentioned.

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Here's a great thread on scales. Lots of great information; any questions come back and ask.

The modes are great and have a much wider applicability than you may realise. Did you know that "White Rabbit" by the Jefferson Airplane was written in Phrygian?

Once you get the basics down, the possibilities that Bales has referenced above are really endless.