im deciding on a guitar to save start saving u for after christmas. i have a line 6 spider 120 amp and will be gertting a crate flexwave half stacck in the future. well here are the guitars:

1 gibson les paul studio

2 dean razorback

3 gibson explorer

4 schecter hellraiser fr

i play a mix of metal alternative and rock i am getting a boss mt2 metal zone distortion and a dunlop slash wah

thanks in advance please respond
Epiphone Les PAul StandarD

Line 6 Spider III 120

group http://

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please respond
Epiphone Les PAul StandarD

Line 6 Spider III 120

group http://

group join if u want Ug hockey fans
i'd go with the les paul, thats just me though.
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go with the dean you will love it...the dimebucker is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it kicks ass
ive played the hellraiser and it sounded great in my opinion and ive decided thats gona be the next guitar i buy. later on that day i went to a breaking benjamin/seether/three days grace concert and TDG used the same guitar (hellraiser) to play never too late so im definitlely going to buy it.
Either the schecter or dean. Everyone and their sister has a les paul (still great guitars though.), and I hate the headstock on the explorer so much that it would NEVER stop bugging me.
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If you like the razorback...you can get the black and yellow finish for $600, it has the exact same hardware as the ones that cost $1,100.
The Les Paul or the Hellraiser, the other 2 are not my style.
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I'd go with the Les Paul, but disregard this, my opinions on Gibsons compared to other guitars are totally biased.
The Dean is overpriced. Pieced together made in China thing with vinyl for a finish, crappy Floyd, and an even crappier neck pickup. Both Gibsons are overpriced for what you get imo, and have hit or miss quality. Look into a Jackson SL3 or RR5
man you have crazy money to spend (to me at least )

I'd have to say the LP.
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Avoid the Dean...the brand is good, but that in particular is overpriced for what you're getting...licensed trem + Dimebucker (which the guitarist actually didn't use and limits what you can play) = bad! The others are up to you...I personally would go for the Schecter out of your choices. Since you have ~$1000 budget, you should look into ESP's lineup of guitars as well...this signature model has a true FR unlike the Dean and is just as outrageously styled. If you want a little more modesty, the M and MH 1000/EC 500/1000s are worth looking into.
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I would say either the schecter or the explorer. The dean and the studio are both overpriced and neither are really very amazing.
new amp.

And then get the schecter
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