hey guys... i was looking at an ESP guitar... i have never heard of this company and i was wondering if they were any good
i have one i love it it's great for metal but if you like cleaner stuff I wouldn't really reccomend it
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mmm Ltd along with Schecter offer some of the best value for money guitars on the market.... But it depends on your tastes so elaborate if u want advice
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i have the ec-1000 with seymour duncan pickups, and i love it
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esp guitars own, but i reccomend from 200 and up series (just change pups on the 200 models) they are great, but the lh-300 arent thet good.

in resume, esp owns, but the 50 series are like the ibanez gios (only a bit better)

A lot of today's players as well as guitarists from as early as the 80's play ESP's. It's a pretty popular company mainly among Metal guitarists . I remember trying out the Jeff Hanneman LTD signature at Sam Ash and it was really really good. Great tone, fast neck, really good trem system and killer looks to top it all off.
i have the ec-1000 with seymour duncan pickups, and i love it

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yes they are good but an esp is expensive you might want to look at their edwards and ltd
you guys are forgetting the 300 series which are also bang for the buck, and NOT agathis bodied. Its discontinued, so you'll find em on ebay every now and then.
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i have one i love it it's great for metal but if you like cleaner stuff I wouldn't really reccomend it

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never heard of esp rofl? but they are good. Dont buy anything under 200 cuz they suck... ESP's in general are good for the metally stuff cuz thats what theyre made for. theyre probably the best guitars for the money. Not the best guitars in the market, but theyre pretty high up there and they are the best value
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find me one of the metal greats that hasn't played ESP at some point...

I don't think Dimebag ever played one :P. Also Dave Sullivan, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, the old-school dudes.
ESP LTDs are great value, but watch out for basswood bodies and EMG-ESP pickups. Also LFRs because they SUCK.
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ESP guitars are quite good.

Just keep in mind that ESP LTD guitars are to ESP guitars what Squier is to Fenders or Epiphone is to Gibson. So when you hear about people using ESP guitars, they generally have actually ESP guitars and not LTDs.

The ESP brand varies a lot. Their custom shop is quite good, but it is usually significantly more expensive then even companies like Fender or Gibson. The LTD guitars are pretty good, I've never really found any that really sold me onto that series though. There is nothing overly original about those guitars, so they just become another option if you are looking for a particular set-up

They make some cheaper neck through guitars and Floyd Rose guitars then you would normally see. However, I think they do kind of cheap out on the pick-ups to do that, so if you are buying new pick-ups, you might negate the cost advantage over some other guitars. It may, for example, end up being more expensive to buy an LTD with a Floyd Rose and put EMG 81/85 combo into it then to say just buy a Schecter Hellraiser FR that comes with those stock. If you find an LTD you like, get it, but keep in mind the other options out there and that LTD is not the same quality as just ESP.
ESP/LTD are made of win.

If you like them, get them. I have an LTD Viper 400 and it's the best purchase I've ever made.
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I've noticed the 400 models upwards have nearly or the same parts as the ESP standards so i'm guessing when you buy a standard ESP you're mostly paying for the name ESP and the place its built.. build quality n all..

Am i close?
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ESP LTD EC-1000 Gloss black EMG 81/60. Whover said they aren't good for cleans id not the brightest bulb on the tree. The one's with EMG;s have an EMG 60, for cleans, and the Duncan ones have a 59 in the neck, for cleans.
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I have a viper 400 and it sounds great. I got it a couple months ago and its been great so far. The distortion is amazing, it sounds alot better then the ibanez i use to have. One of my friends has a cheap one though that ran him aroun 250 and it sounds bad.