I play metal(pantera, metallica, megadeth, judas priest, etc) and a bit of hard rock(AC/DC, early Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin) and I've got 750$ to spend on a new amp.
However I live in Israel and everything here is damn expensive(1125$ for a goddamn peavey classic 30).

I've tried the fender blues junior and loved the clean channel but I didn't had a chance to crank it and the overdrive was crappy. I'm going to try a Laney VC15, and a Marshall AVT50 soon, but I would like to hear what you guys think about 'em.

Also I'm going to use the amp for my band's practices, a 15 watts tube combo is going to be powerfull enough(crancked obviously)?
Sorry for my lame english.
Thanks in advance.

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well idk if 15 watts will be enough, depends on how loud everyone else plays. the AVT isnt that great of an amp. can u save a bit more?

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Thanks for answering all my question ssguitar

How much wold you have to pay for a VC30? That one should cut it with a band, the VC15 might not be loud enough. The AVTs aren't very good, so I advice you to stay away from that one.
I can get a used VC30...I hope
the amp has a good tone?
I watched some youtube vids and I liked the sound.
Check out a used DSL401, dunno how much they're going to be new over there - its going to be more than loud enough and should cover most tones you're looking for.

The Laney is not a bad option either, and go for the 30 watt if you can.

I wouldn't recommend the AVT at all
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