Ok, so after, like, 2 months of deciding, my band finally agreed on the name Ever's End thru a majority rules vote. It was uanimous vote, but now, our bassist has decided he doesn't like it anymore. This wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that this is the third name he has suggested and then decided he didn't like. For example: His first suggestion was September Sin, so we decided it was a good name and we went with it. About a week later he says it hates it and wants to change it. Then, I suggest "Gracy's Stonehenge" he loves it, so we go with it, and then, about a week later he hates it again. I know the reason he rejects them is either he wants to name the band or he's afraid of a permenant name. I want to lay it on him to that I get the message across that we're not gonna change the name, but I also don't want to hurt his feelings and loose him. What should I do?
Tell him straight up what hes been doing and if he starts freaking out and leaves, so what? Do you really want an asshole like that in your band anyways? BTW I'd go with Never's End instead (but thats just me)
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^ We worked it out. Its not that he's an asshole, cuz he agrees with everything else. We were going to change our name to that, but it was taken lol