do thicker gauge strings make it easier to mute strings causing unwanted noise? i have large and pudgy hands, and it's hard for me to mute some strings without accidentally muting the ones i'm playing. i'd also just like to get more tone/sustain and be able to palm mute higher strings without it sounding like crap.
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i have thick arse strings, i didnt notice anything too different, but i didnt really pay attention to that factor
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the thicker gauge string sustain a little bit better. i have noticed that its a little tougher to palm mute the thicker ones, but they sound a lot better (on a set of duncan distortion), especially if you have a good set of pickups
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wat gauge do you play on now. try the next gauge up next time you change strings.
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i got the same hand problem, i dont usually mute the higher strings so i guess i wouldnt really understand what ya mean... just practice it and it should be alot more clear
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Yeah, practice is definitely the answer here. Sure, you could change your strings, but then your tone changes, and you're not in control of your sound. Be the one to create your sound, not one to let your sound create you.

Practice how to position your hand and make up some exercises to practice with your hand in the best position. It is doable and something which you can overcome. You just need to teach those hands where to go.
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