For a long time I've been told it's bad to put Distortion pedals in the effects loop of an amp, but I have no idea why not. Can someone tell me.

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Well, if you put them before, then they distort the clean channel of the amp, before that clean channel is amplified via the power amp...
In other words, if you put the distortion at the preamp stage, it comes out sounding well-balanced etc.

If you put it after the preamp stage then it will sound different...not necessarily a bad thing if you're after certain sounds occasionally, but not the norm.

That's what I'd imagine anyway, not 100% but it effects the strength of phase effects etc, and wah pedals rarely work to their potential in an effects loop.
If you want generic tone (this is not necessarily a bad thing) then put it before the pre-amp stage. However if you want a different tone, then put it after. Experiment with different sounds and setups. Make your own choice with your own ears.
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