I popped my high E but I only have a pack of 5 strings (missing the D)... is it a bad idea to just re-string only 5 of em and leave the old D on? Yeah I could just buy another pack but I don't have a lot of disposable income.
Not a big problem. As it gets older it's going to get harder to keep in tune and maybe the intonation will get a little out of whack for it but if you're worried about something major the answer is don't worry about it.
Intonation uh? I just dished out $40 getting that problem fixed... will it really get messed up from just a few weeks of differently aged strings?
Why not just restring the E...keep the rest for little changes if this happens again.
Yeah nothing major but it's always good to have a proper guitar stringed and all...

It depends on how much you care about playing a 6-string guitar.
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Intonation doesnt usually change much once its set. It will change if you mess with the action or change guage of strings.
It'll be fine.

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