ok, so i am a begining recorder/youtuber. i made one video which i used a crappy mic to record everything ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XStwIN4K0c4 ), but i want to get good perfect clear sounds like all the other guys. so i was thinking of getting a multi effect guitar food processsor thing. lol. so far im thinking of ToneWorks AX5G Guitar Modeling Signal Processor. http://www.guitarcenter.com/ToneWorks-AX5G-Guitar-Modeling-Signal-Processor-160000-i1169372.gc
it looks pretty good, but i am not sure if i can plug it right in my computer and record. and if i can where do i plug it in? i have a dell comptuer and the sound card it came with doesnt have a plug that i can plug in (i think, at least not the 1/4 or w/e u cal it. the guitar cable size) i also have other ones in midn such as http://www.guitarcenter.com/DigiTech-RP80-Modeling-Guitar-Processor-102538246-i1124388.gc or http://www.guitarcenter.com/Behringer-X-V-AMP-Floor-Unit-Guitar-Processor-480732-i1145423.gc but the tonework ax5g is my number 1 choice. please help and thank you for reading.
Yes, you can plug straight in from an MFX pedal. You just need a cable that has 1/4 inch jack one size and a 1/8 inch jack in another. Plug it into the "line in" socket on your souncard, it usually has a blue ring aroun it blue. Then go to either Windows Volume Control or your soundcards controll on you PC and make sure that "Line in" is turned on/up. You should now be able to hear your playing through your PC speakers.

Then download Audacity (or some other free software) and use that to record. Be sure to select Line In from the drop down box, so it records from where you have your guitar plugged in.

Also, are you sure that Korg will be as much of an imrovement? It it the same price as the Digitech. I think the Line 6 POD's are decent for this kind of think but I've never tried one myself.
i would love to get line 6 items. except i am only 15 and i dont have that kind of money, but i also need to hear from you guys if that Korg one would be decent. thanks