everything i write sounding good by pure luck

my question is, how do you write?!

I can learn and play scales and chords all day long, but thats got me no where

what am i suppose to do with this stuff?

And dont give me some crap ive heard a million times before, ive been playing for a few years now and yes, i do know the basics

so, just an explanation?

this is the sound im going for

some of my best songs were written by pure luck when i wasnt even really trying to write a song. when i sit down with full intention to write, it never sounds as good, or doesnt come. but yeh, id like to know the answer to your question too.
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some of my best songs were written by pure luck when i wasnt even really trying to write a song. when i sit down with full intention to write, it never sounds as good, or doesnt come. .


exactly how i am.
Think of something in your head, a riff, melody, lyric, drum beat, bass line... anything. But you need that initial idea. Then go to your instrument and play whats in your head. Look at the scale it happens to be in because that helps but write from your head and heart, not from a scale shape.
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Usually i can never make up something on my own.... that is unless i listen to other peoples music and i just listen to the backgroung rythem and re-create it on my guitar and then internalize it... then a melody in my head comes out of no where (and of course it takes a minute to get the melody down on my guitar cause im not thinking about scales...) and then just find out what scale it's in and make some additional riffs to compliment the bass

Viola.... 75% of my song is done an sounding fvckin awesome

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blah, im just getting no where

i cant get anything down, not even something to just try and expand on

someone here must go by some kind of pattern when they write a song?

nothing i do is working right now, its just crap.

and even if i get something, its just a little bitty piece
Start with an idea in your head. You MUST have ideas that you think would sound good; write them down on a piece of paper whenever you get them. Even if you don't know the note names, write down the rhythms and contours (shape) of your ideas; if you have a strong rhythm and contour, that should help jog your memory enough.

You can noodle a bit if you want, but in general I wouldn't rely on it. Write down your idea into something that can play it back; powertab if you don't want to/can't spend money. Then, think about it. You don't have to know every note, but you SHOULD start getting some ideas about where this idea would fit into a piece, and what other things you want to build around it.

Write those ideas down, and start working them out, sequentially if possible.

The main thing about this method is that you introduce some control over the writing process; it ISN'T just luck. It ISN'T you and a sheet of paper and a few theoretical concepts, and hope that everything sounds good after you write it. These are your ideas, with the most difficult initial step just being the transfer from mind to paper. You'll need to do some revision, most likely, but now you have an idea to work with, instead of trying to work with nothing.

It's not always easy, initially, but work on amassing your ideas over a long period and I'm sure you'll see improved results
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