If i were to buy one of these and put new pups in them, would would be better to do it with?
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Every tribute I've played has beaten a standard MIM strat hands down. They are also usually more expensive.

I reckon they're better than deluxe players strats too. A MIM 62' reissue would give a G&L tribute a fair run for it's money though, might even be better if you get a good one. But also more expensive.

If you're comparing a standard mexi strat to the tribute though, go for the tribute.
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I have the G&L Tribute, really good guitar, great tone. Personally, i haven't heard or played nearly enough guitars to say it's tone with its stock pickups is fine the way it is. Cause I haven't tried modding it or anything, personally I think if you just stuck with the stock pickups, it would be great anyway, cause they're handmade, really great quality.
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Probably the G & L, but I'm pretty sure they're a hell of a lot more. (At least at a local shop for me they are) But if your just looking for one to mod, I'd say go for the MIM, because it would be cheaper and probably have more bang for the buck, because you will change the pickups anyway.
They're not that much more than mim... if you have the money or willing to save a little more, then get the G&L