well, how long were you playing b4 u were able to play a really tough, shred-o-matic solo?

and please, serious answers
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2 seconds flat.

EDIT: About a year.
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I could play fast and ****ty after probably a little over a year but it took me about two years before I could play stuff cleanly.
i still cant play shred leads... never cared to learn... im a singer so lead isnt really my cup of tea, i dont like to be an attention ***** lol

id like to learn one day though
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it depends how much you want to do it and how much you practice and try. it should be good around a year if you try hard enough
yeah its taken about a 3 years. then again i was sparatically playing for the first 2 years
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5 seconds. . . Seriously.

I just pick up the guitar and started playing lots of notes fast. Were they melodic? No. Did I use any scales? No. Just random bs. lol

But I haven't got to the level of awesome-ness yet, but one day!
hmm...I never really cared to learn and i've been playing a little over 2 years.

I don't really like solos...i'm more into sound and slow crushing riffs.