Hey people, firstly, i live in Australia I don't make that much money, so i was thinking $600 - $900 Australian to buy a new guitar with, except I want this guitar to be really good for it's price, and be a good all rounder! I play heaps of rock, metal stuff, but i also really enjoy playing melodic softer stuff, and if i ever end up in a band then i'd only have this "dream guitar" to use! (and a cheap samick).
So to sum things up shortly for those who don't like to read heaps:

Able to do clean and distortion well. Like a really good melodic clean.

maybe 3 pickups to achieve clean and distortion (like on some ibanezes i looked at)

Double locking whammy bar that isn't bad

Good action and all that (everyone wants that so i don't know why i'm bothering saying that)

Decent pickups.

I hope i'm not being too fussy! I had a look at some PRS guitars on the website, and found a really awesome one that would have been great, but was like $4200! any suggestions for a guitar that would suit me are greatly appreciated!
I dont have it but I think it looks pretty versatile Im not sure about that though
Also you could get a strat.Thats only about $850 This Ibanez also came into my mind: http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/electric/ibanez/eg_page_2007ee00.html

EDIT: Oh I didn't see that you wanted a guitar with a locking trem
that's ok, thanks for that i'm trying to look into them, but i always seem to get error messages when i click on the links!!!! argh
try the schecter daimen fr its pretty nice but it only has 2 humbuckers
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try a Jackson Dk2 dinky.
not too expensive, but lotsa bang for your buck.
or one for the more metal mood you quite possibly will stray into:
Jackson MG series DXMG
thats the one i got, and it screams!
U can probably just get an Ibanez S series for $900, pretty good have a good trem
I had a look at the Schecter, and it looked pretty good.... i don't know how well EMG's do mellow though! A few of my friends have Jacksons, and yeah they're definately worth a look, but i don't always play JUST metal, i do really enjoy heaps of types of music! (but mainly metal) still thanks for the suggestions

I've been thinking of an Ibanez for a while, but i've heard that the cheap tremolos aren't that good

EDIT: but now that i look the S series has quite good tremolos!
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An Epiphone Les Paul would be good for you, it has a very melodic sound when using the bridge pickup and can pack some real grunt when under some distortion, more grunt than a Strat anyway.

But if you're looking more at a metallish guitar, then try checking out some LTD M Series, like the M-50 is a nice inexpensive and quite metal guitar.. Floating Bridge though, so I wouldn't recommend using it's tremmelo.

But if you want just a little bit of grunt, a lot of melody and are able to perhaps fork out close to $1000, I'd get a Gretsch solid body. They sound incredible on clean and can still belt out some nice metal riffs.

But it really comes down to what your comfortable with and what you think sounds nice. Remember, an Amp is just as important as your guitar.
Thanks for the advice Leutnant, my friend use to have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II i think it was, it was like the cheapest Les Paul you could get! but it sounded much better than my Samick. I use a Fender amp, and i really like the clean channel, and i want a guitar with pickups that will compliment it. But i also use a EHX Metal Muff pedal for metal! I wouldn't mind a Gretsch.... one day.... I found out that the Ibanez S series, which is what i'm currently looking at now, are all over $1000 in Australia but i haven't given up hope on it yet, thanks guys!