I've been noticing alot of people are very confused with Psychadelic Rock and labelling bands that aren't psychadelic. Sure we all love our Pink Floyd (especially during the Syd Barrett days, like Piper at the Gates of Dawn), Grateful Dead, The Doors, Cream etc. But there are so many PURE psychadelic rock bands that nobody ever mentions..Like

The Seeds
Chocolate Watchband
Strawberry Alarmclock

Theres actually a great discography of Psychadelic Rock you can acquire called "Nuggets".

Anyway, discuss guys :P
hehe I've never listened to Talk Talk. I'll check em out. Check out the song "I can't seem to make you mine" by The Seeds. A great psychadelic love song.
Only threads suck. It's just an excuse for obsessives to group together and be jolly and fat about everything specific to one band or genre. Look at the only Led Zeppelin thread. It's a cesspit of kids who literally masturbate over the band. I wish I was that cool.
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The Misunderstood
Strawberry Alarm Clock
The Creation

All great, underrated bands. Psychedelic bands usually are underrated.
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