I am currently debating between the Randall RG100G3 and the RG50TC. Is there really a big difference in tone? I know the RG50TC is an all tube where as the RG100G3 just has a preamp tube, but is the difference really that noticeable? I want to be able to play some high-gain metal and hard rock, but also have good solid cleans. Are there other combos i should be looking at instead of the randalls? i have heard a lot of good things about them, but also some bad.

Another things is that, I am currently living in a university apartment, so i need something that can be played at decent 'bedroom' levels and still sound good, but also have enough power for practicing with a band and small gigs. Ive read several reviews where the RG100G3 cuts out at high volumes and i really dont want to deal with that. Im a little worried that getting a tube amp will be more of a hassle than what i want. is the extra hassle worth the tone?

Thanks for the help in advance
Oh for the love of god the RG50TC!!! I gotta a rg75g3 and its a bag oh Shlrit I'm looking to upgrade to the tube amp asap. Also the tube amp is more compact, lighter and just as suitable for room playing as long as you have a steady hand with the volume knob. Hasstle is worth the tone.

EDIT: sod it all dont get any randalls ever this dam company is just awful unless you go for the v2 t2 or mts series what a sodding let down good luck with your amp findin mate
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