hello all, sorry for my newb question in advance, but i came across a orange crush combo amp for a very good price and want to buy it, but i will only buy it once i know whether or not i can add on to it later down the road. by add on i mean can i connect the orange combo, "line out" jack with the "line in" jack of another combo/head/cab with a 1/4'' cable so essentially can i connect say a orange crush combo to a fender deluxe by using 1/4'' cable from line out(orange) to line in (fender deluxe).

and i want to do this safely without worring about blowing fuses or tubes or speakers

thanks for any/all input
For pairing the crush with an amp head, you'd have to make sure the impedence of the speaker in the crush and the impedence of the head match up, also you'd need at least the # of watts in the speaker of the crush as there are in the head. If the head fits both of those needs, I would imagine it would work.
As for connecting the crush to an extension cab (which is pointless, since the crush is a practice amp anyways), you would need to daisy chain the cab so the impedence matches and there aren't any watt problems.
Overall, i'd recommend not getting the crush. Get a valvetronix or roland cube. Much more customizable, versatile, and I think they sound better.

Getting a solid state orange amp is like buying a hooker who's missing a vagina. There's just no point, and it's overpriced.
Well, now that I'm reading my comment, I guess I was a little too harsh on the crush series.
They are good solid state amps. They do sound good for SS amps, but I would personally rather buy a solid state vox or roland. Just because those are so versatile and have so many effects. You wouldn't be able to gig with a crush, so it's pretty much a practice amp. The same goes for the vox valvetronix and roland cube, but they are packed with different tones and effects.
But keep in mind this is all my opinion. As an orange amp owner, I'm pleased you're interested in their amps, but I'm just sharing why I think it's better to either go all the way and get an orange tube amp, or get something else.

I guess what I'm getting at is adding another cab to your crush won't make as much of a difference as you may think. It will probably sound "fuller" rather than "louder", and you still won't be able to gig with it.
Yeah a crush is pretty expensive for what it is, a beginner practice amp, maybe wait up and get as srv2112 suggested