I've always been annoyed by my Marshall DSL401 clean sound, hey, nice distortion, but the cleans or not the ones I need.

I was playing on my collegeroom with my pod 2.0, and when I play the vox AC30/AC15, they exactly sound like I want my clean amp to sound, and they sound nice with overdrive on it too!

Well, is the pod a reference? Perhaps I can sell my Marshall and buy an Vox AC15, is that silent enough to play in a regular room at home?
And also, is there a big difference between a Vox AC15 with or without those blue alnico speakers ?
Yeah, the alnico's make a difference. It's not like the ac15 will suck without them, but you will hear the difference. I'd recommend buying the regular ac15 (used if you can), and then buying new speakers and putting them in. They have to be alnicos or anything, but just speakers that you like more than the stocks. Maybe a Greenback or G12H30 if you like those overdriven cleans.