looking for a decent, but still cheap guitar (around $600 AUS) that can handle heavy drop D tuning stuff without being muddy... yes, with stock pickups.
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ibanez Rg321?

im not a big fan of ibanez.
my friend got a umm, like, one in the RG series, it was top of the line one, and played it, and it had infinite pickups or something, they were wayy too harsh.

what do you think about this..
its rather cheap here in aus.

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ive heard good things about that schecter, but i havent played one so i cant pass judgment. although looking at the specs it looks pretty sweet

im looking for a decent cheap guitar that plays decent and can sound great in drop D, as the msuic i write varies from drop D to standard. i play an epi LP custom, and that is great for smoothe standard tuning stuff, but doesnt handle the heaviness i would like with the songs in drop D.
thanks for your help.