Just recorded this

i have lyrics to it
havnt added them in yet

how does it sound?

its on my profile so please check it out!

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hey man,
you're making a good try at writing, and props for that, but there's a few things you could work on.
- first off, the recording quality is pretty low. You can hear when the over-dubbed tracks flip in and out because there's so much extra noise. I'm assuming this is just because you're using some crappy home mic, so no biggie. if you're serious about this stuff, think about another mic though.
- the rhythm track isn't too bad. some nice little chord picking going on there, and for the most part sounds not bad. Maybe try to emphasize the bass notes of the chords when you pick them a little more, but mostly not bad
- the lead is probably what needs the most work. I can tell you're trying to feel it, and trying to get it right, but it's just missing a little technical work. work on your ear. I'd say 25% of your notes simply don't go with the chord you're playing at the time, and strain my musical ear a little anyways. try to find the notes that sounds good over each chord, or all of them, and work out some little runs and scales. this is probably the biggest problem with the song right now. the timing on your lead is also a little choppy. just try to play a little more confidently, and steadily

with all of that said, it's a great start, and I'm sure you'll make progress! good luck!
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