Hi guys,

I wish to buy an LP modeled electric soon and I have narrowed down on an Epiphone LP standard, anda Greg Bennett AV6. Initially i was heavilly bent on buying the Epi, but someone suggested me to look for the greg bennett AV6. I read quite a few reviews on the net and what really surprised me is that the reviewers compare the greg bennett AV6 to a Gibson LP, and not an Epi! And the reviews have been really good.
I want to know anyone here had a chance to play both these guitars and if you could throw some light on how they compare,as i havent had a chance to play any of these.

P.S: Greg bennett is now merged with samick guitars,korea. And Samick also manufactures the epiphones for gibson
I have a Sammick UM-4 Gregg Bennet sig. They dont make em anymore, but its a really great guitar.

If the AV-6 is anything like it id go with that

EDIT: After looking at the reviews it sounds pretty good. The grovers stay in tune a beauty, and the pickups in it sound pretty good.
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