After school this semester im gonna work my ass off and save up for a good amp..

It has to be a 212/112 combo as there is no space for a halfstack ..

I play hard/classic rock, heavy metal and some metallica/megadeth stuff..
Bands like ac/dc, iron maiden , sabbath.. you get the idea..

The only amp i have considered so far is the peavey 5150 or the 6505, but im not sure if it suits my style.

Which amps shd i consider?
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Peavey 6505,triple xxx, and JSX, Mesa Roadster, roadking, and Mark IV, Marshall JVM, Carvin V3, Rivera Knucklehead Tre or Knucklhead Reverb, Soldano Lucky 13...All of those are available as combos and are great amps...that's all I have for now, but I'll think of more to add later.
Between the 5150 and 6505 which is better? I do not know the difference between those 2 amps.
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The 5150 name was copyrighted by EVH. When he left Peavey, he took it with him. They named all 5150 amps from the point on 6505, after peavey's 40th anniversary, from 1965-2005.
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I thought most singaporeans live in apartments?Won't it affect your neighbors if you get a 5150?
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Yea we live in apartments..

Can i just play it softly? Or fix an attenuator or something...
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heres an outsider... go gt a fuchs lucky 7.

its a 7w amp that has huge balls. unbelievable tone. its expensive, as its all hand wired. a typical boutique amp. but you will not believe the quality. iv never heard anything that compares.

if not, id recommend the carvin v3. my friends v3 is amazing, and very versitile.

a cheaper option again would be an epiphone valve junior. agreed, its not the best to start, but after some modifications, it will sound as good as a boutique $1k amp, for a lot less. unfortunately, you have to have the ability, and the confidence to be able to the work yourself to save any money.
How much do the carvin v3 and the fuchs cost?
MIJ Fender '57 Stratocaster
Vox AD15VT
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