hey peeps,

im learning a song which required me to bend a tone on the 24th fret of high E.

my problem is (as this isnt)

is that when i do, i get a massive loss of signal/volume/sound.

its a bend then going backing the chorus, so it needs to be powerful and is REALLY noticeable.

why does it go weak??

i can only think its coz my pup(only use bridge) is too high.

its a dimarzio DP100 (super dist.)
so the sustain and output is great.

so yeah, unless my guitar REALLY needs to be setup (again)

does anyone know the issue??

do i need to lower my pup??

thanks in adv.
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play that note without being plugged in. see if the note rings as long as you need it to. when bending at the higher frets you really need to press down hard with your fingers. this will increase the sustain of the note, and might actually solve your problem. i dont think the pup is causing the problem, unless your string is actually hitting the pup.
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Sometimes just practicing bending the note can help you heaps. Your action might be too high (or too low). Try experimenting with things and seeing what happens.
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the bend/note sounds good on the schools ibanezes.

just not mine

i still got no idea why.

could it be my amp/ effects??

bad eq or somin?
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Do you know how the guitarist you are listening to does it? Could it be that he is using a whammy bar? I imagine scalloped frets would help as well.
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just do it on the 12th fret man lol
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haha yeah that should work

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Funny thing, I'm doing a solo that also requires a bend on the 24th. I'd say just turn your volume all the way down and try the bend slowly, and check your technique.

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lol my tecniques fine,

and if richrawr was being serious, he should be shot.

i can do it on my school guitars through there amps fine.

im playing through a G7 with a cab sim on,

could that do it??

or noise reduction??
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I don't think you should re set-up your guitar, just cause you want to do a bend on the 24th fret! If you were planning to do that..
Strings bent over the body have less volume to them than further out away from the body. ANd as narrow as the gap is at the 24th fret its easy to not do it right.
ah, hmm.

does that mean lighter gauge strings will help ??
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Quote by Hale_91
ah, hmm.

does that mean lighter gauge strings will help ??

depends how light you go and what strings your using now

going from 10s-9s wont be much of a chage but from 12s or even11s it would feel a lot easier, but would cut back on volume
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