Winpository if brought to you by Funcoot.
http://winpository.gmodin.com/winpository v.1.zip
Click on image for download. Read the Readme for the instructions, they are important! You will not be able to use it properly without reading them!

Winpository is a solution to those wasted hours of searching for useful applications. With Winpository you are automatically supplied with downloads of many useful applications many people commonly download, and some that aren't so common.

The only file I do not host myself is xsimodtool, all others are hosted by me!

What a Repository is.
By definition a repository is a database full of digital information and files. Many Linux distros use repositories to supply files to their users easily.
Basically they are just a fancy linkers!

What makes this useful?
It saves you time. Think, maybe you just reformatted, now you have to spend literally a few hours finding all the software you once had. Not necessarily because it is hard to find, but just from searching and downloading alone. This is takes the time almost completely out of the equation.

If you have any, report them in this thread. I will list them here.

Things to add
Better categorization.
More applications.

Why is <insert program on there?>
To tell you the truth I probably don't know why it isn't on here, it either slipped my mind or I don't know about it.

If you would like to see an application make it on the list, please email it to us at winpository@gmail.com

Donate to us please.
Although I am the only who has coded this, there are several people who are working on the project. Me, Christarp, and Roo-kie. This would greatly help us in buying certain apps and encourage us to improve this.

Please don't be to harsh, this is a rough version made in a few hours.
We intend on improving it.
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