I've been playing for about 8 months and have been using a p.o.s. 10w practice amp the whole time. I'm finally able to spend some money on a new amp, and need opinions.

First off, my max is about $300. Not much I know, so tube amps are out of the question, but I found a VOX Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 for $260.

My style of play varies quite a bit, sometimes in the space of an hour I play an AC/DC riff, next some Skynyrd, then a little BB King box kind of freeform, then maybe Metallica, and finish up with an attempt at some hendrix... so i thought that the VT my be a cost-effective choice for me.
I don't play professionally or in a band by any means, but I do play often, and i want something that will give me decent tone and all the volume i should need.

I would appreciate any opinions on the AD50VT and suggestions about any other amps that might fit my needs, even if the cost is more than my max. Thanks.
It's a good amp for beginners, and even intermediate players who can't get a valve amp. They're good quality hybrids, and they sound decent, so it's definitely worth it. And it would cover those styles perfectly
My friend has that amp, and I plan on getting one asap.

It's a really good amp, even for playing live.
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Yeah, it's probably a good choice. I suggest you go to a guitar store to try it out before you buy it, if possible (well, I'd suggest that with anything).
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Also check out the Palomino and used. You can do better for your money.
$300USD is by no means out of decent tube territory.

Might want to see if you can try to find an Epiphone Valve Standard. It's a 15watt tube amp that can get decently loud (unless you play with a drummer that likes to use sledghammers), and it can get gritty enough for a nice classic/early hardrock tone. For stuff like Metallica though, you'll want to get an overdrive/distortion pedal for it.
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300$ doesnt mean your out of the tube area
for the softer stuff you can try a evj, fender champ 600, a palomino
For harder stuff (such has metallica) you could try the ibanez valbee, all tube 5w and high gain, im thinking of buyng one

Not that ^ are all of low wattage (i think the palomino has a high wat version), and has hakael sayd too
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