Hello everyone!
I was wondering if you could help me with my little dilemma.
I have been planning of buying a new guitar for some time now, and I've finally decided to buy a second-hand Epiphone Les Paul Standard.
I can't decide between two choices that I currently have, because when it comes to Epiphones, I don't have the knowledge and the experience to make that kind of decision.

Option N. 1:
It is in nice condition overall. The seller has changed the standard humbuckers to a Gibson 500T and a Gibson 496R. He has changed the controls too, and has installed the locks that keep the guitar leash from falling off. I don't know what they are called . The serial number is I03012451 so it's made in Korea 2003. It comes with a gigbag.
The price is now, after my bargaining. 400 euros. Which is a good deal in my opinion.

Option N. 2:
It is in a good shape too. Everything is original in this guitar, it's approximately 5 or 6 years old, or so I was told. The seller told me that the 1-5 shreds are a little worn out, but the guitar can still be played for a long time. The serial number is B0910950 and it's made in Czech. I couldn't find any info about the guitar online. But the seller is trustworthy.
I can't tell about the price yet, I think it will be somewhere in 300 euros maybe.

In this situation I can't try them both out, I have to decide first, according to what I've been told. And I have to do it ASAP or I could miss my chance. The new humbuckers raise the Korea-guitar's worth, and all the other stuff that has been installed on it. And the other guitar is older.
But everybody always praises how the Les Pauls made in Czech are superior to the Chinese and Korean ones, so I can't decide.
So PLEASE help me, and tell me what to do! :/
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i would get the first one it looks a lot nicer imo and it apparently has better stuff on it than the other stock one. but idk
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The first one for sure man.
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I'd go with the red one
first of all the look is way more sexy imo and the fact that the freds on the black one are "worn out" would make me suspicious...who kniows in what condition they are. re-fretting is expensive!

well the humbucker and the security locks (thats what tehy are called) are togetehr worth about 130 euros...thats pretty much and speaks for the guitar
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I would definately go for the first one, but make sure it plays okay before you buy it though.

The specs on it are quite a bit better, and I think it looks better.

Price is okay, but try and deal a bit on it
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Absolutely neither.

Firstly, they're older Epis - this means they will have been made predominantly with mid-grade alder (#1 com grade) with a small degree of low-grade mahogany (#3 com grade). Of course this is in stark contrast to new Epis and real Gibsons, which are made entirely with average and above graded mahogany (D-select grade for Epi Standard and above, #2 com grade for Epi Studios and below, #1 com grade for Gibson Studios and below, C-select grade for Gibson Standards and above).

Secondly, the fact they'll be made out of cheaper, worse materials aside, there are the two rules that always apply to buying any Epiphone instrument.

1. You absolutely must try out the instrument before you buy it, as the majority of Epiphones are poorly built, some are average, and a very small number are incredibly well made. Obviously, you want one of the well made ones. As such, you must try out every Epiphone you can, and pick out the best one. Do not ever buy online, nor should you ever simply settle for whichever Epi you come across first. Unless you can try out at least 8 Epiphones to get a good one, they are not worth even thinking about.
2. I know you think the first rule is an exaggeration, and right now you're saying to yourself "well I'm sure it will be fine, I'll take the risk and buy it anyway". This is sheer stupidity. It will not be fine, it is not worth taking the risk, and the first rule is not an exaggeration. Re-read it twenty times until you get the point of it.

Save your money. If you're willing to spend 400 euros... well, you can buy a brand new Epiphone Les Paul Standard for just under 400. If your local stores are charging more than this, most will drop down to internet prices.
However, I would better suggest that you get together more money if you have too, and get an Epi LP Custom, and upgrade it's pickups. This is generally the best choice to go with until you hit the actual Gibson range.

Failing that, there are other brands you might like to try: Tokai and Vintage are the best LP copies, however there is also Agile, Edwards, and allegedly higher-up there are the Michael Kelly Patriots, though personally I find those to be horrible guitars so I'd only suggest those as a very last resort.
All of those other LP copies have better quality control, so it's safe to order those online if you have too. You generally get more for your money with those too, though I argue that one of the rare, well built Epiphones beats them all, if you are able to carefully select the best one.