Howdy folks. I just bought a new guitar (Malden Stiger SH-2), mainly to mod (new humbuckers, probably Irongear Hot Slags, onboard distortion, black/white paintjob, locking tuners) and it's pretty lightweight. This is good for me, 'cause I've got back problems and playing my bass standing up is hellish. The sustain is alright, but I've heard that as a general rule, a heavy hardwood will give you better sustain. Since it's not an option for me to make a new guitar out of a heavier wood, I was wondering if a heavy bridge would help add some sustain... I think I saw a site selling a clunky bass guitar bridge that implied something to that effect.

yes, but not a huge difference
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Laws of physic predict they should. To proof this hypothesis by letting a panel of unbiased listeners do a double blind test under controlled conditions is a whole different matter. A lot of common guitar lore everybody knows for sure has never really been scientifically established, and a lot that has been tested didn't stand up to this.
It seems plausible to me though.
string thru will increase your sustain by a lot. or get a fatfinger
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probably... but im definitely sure a SUSTAINER will... hahaha!
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