hey i just recently started a side project with my brother. its called other. we do hard rock, but we also use elements of industrial and electronica aswell. right now its only me and him but we're getting some more members to sing, drum and to play lead guitar.
we have a myspace - www.myspace.com/otherproject
and a UG profile - http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/otherproject/
you can add us if you want.
we really appreciate any comments or suggestions. thankyou
I can really hear the electronica influence in Flurry. It's a sweet track. I've always wanted to play in an electronica-influenced rock band, but none of the band's I've been in have wanted anything but guitar.

Middle is also a pretty awesome track, a little like Flurry maybe... but that's fine, it can stand on its own.

I'm listening to Confines now. I'm almost expecting Zack de la Rocha to scream something in the beginning; it sounds really Rage Against The Machine inspired. You could do so much more with this song; a few vocal samples, DJ scratchings, or some other hip-hop influenced things. Ooh, I just got to the part where the flubby bass comes in... I likey. Just curious, how'd you do that bass effect? At about 3:10 now... I'm loving this part, but it needs some sort of lead part before the solo comes in (which is perfect, BTW).

Anyway, you've got some fantastic material here, keep it up.
Thankyou heaps mate, this is really appreciated. In Confines, I used Garageband to record the tracks, so it allowed me to adjust the settings and the sounds for the instruments. I added in reverb, delay and I used a wah wah and distortion. The only problem is that it'll be hard to recreate in a live setting. We're probably going to tone down that part of the song because its a little too abstract and it was improvised and also I think we can make something that fits better with the song.
I know what you mean about the lead part, we still have to work on it, hopefully when we get a lead guitar player something will work out.
Thankyou again, cheers.