I need some help, I have this really irritating habit of using my pinky to anchor my right hand when playing. I place it below the strings and it helps keep my hand in position when picking.
I was wondering if this is a bad habit as I sruggle playing songs without doing it this way.
i do the same thing or rest my palm above the strings. it doesnt really matter aslong as you can play cleanly
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yes its a very bad habbit. it can mute the strings, slow you down, and be uncomfortable.
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Everyone has their own way of playing so I wouldn't worry too much. I couldn't say if its a bad habit or not. The only way to play differently is to practise using a different method to mix your style up a bit. It'll feel strange at first but stick with it. I used to hold my pick with two fingers and a thumb until I saw in pictures that most people only hold it with one finger and their thumb. I changed to this and it improved my picking technique greatly but it took time to get used to it.
I'd suggest doing a search for 'anchoring' posts. this has been done to death.

in short, most people will tell you it is bad technique, and will slow your picking speed and put you at increased risk of injury due to the increased tension. however, some will say it doesn't really matter, and give you a list of professional players who do it.
Don't worry, many players play that way. It works well with single note type solos, but avoid using it with strummin' chords instead use a loose rotary forearm motion as if there is sthg flecking from the back of your hand.
Cool, cause I've asked my teacher and he tells me that its a bad habit..
He says it'll cause trouble when using sweep picking and doing fast solo's.
Search for anchoring.

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