Hey everyone, it's been a heck of a long time since I posted on Ultimate-Guitar, let alone the Punk and Ska forum, but basically I'm asking if anyone from the UK managed to catch The Toasters on their current UK Tour? They're being supported by Random Hand (UK ska-core; decent, kind of like Capdown but not), Fandangle (Awesome UK ska-pop-punk) and Left Alone (A Hellcat act; remind me a lot of Rancid/Op Ivy/Clash) and I believe it's to commemorate being around for 25 years, although my knowledge of The Toasters is a little hazy. They played a range of their more popular songs, such as DLTBGYD, Decision at Midnight and Two Tone Army.

I spoke briefly to Rob Hingley, who's a real ****ing dude. He was more than happy to speak to everyone after the show and everybody seemed to be on a post-gig high. The venue (Exeter, Cavern Club) was rather intimate and this added to the cool vibe. I didn't intend for this to be a review of the show, by the way. Feel free to show mad love or make general comments about The Toasters or any of the support acts and remember: DLTBGYD!

P.S For people in the UK, The Slackers (woo!) are coming to the UK in late November/early December so make sure to catch some of New York's finest ska.

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