M e and my band are gonna make a metal version of "Macarron Chacarron" by El Chombo a.k.a "Ualuealuealeuale" What do you guys think.
If you haven't heard the song, look it up on Youtube.
IMO the best Cover ever is what Celldweller/Klayton did to Bee Gee's Tragedy hehe..

But are we gonna hear your cover some how?!
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all along the watchtower
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under the bridge be all saints fo sho.

but really, my favourite is prolly if you want me to stay by the chilis,

and i vote halleluljah (sp?) for epic-est lol
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Gary Jules covering Mad World, it pwns that cover.

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Thanks guys...check out some other tunes we do


will be updating regularly and posting more vids
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If someone could give a riff that would be similar to the beat, it'd be much appreciated.
im gonna have to say Bed Of Nails cover by Children of Bodem
originally Alice Cooper
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