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Short hair
41 89%
Shaved head
5 11%
Voters: 46.
I can't believe I'm coming to the pit to ask for advice, but here it goes.

The other day my mom came home about 12 hours earlier then she said she would and walked in on me and 2 of my friends lighting up. She was pretty pissed, kicked all them out, yelled at me for awhile about she could lose everything she worked for if we got caught, etc.

Because of all that, she's making me get a haircut and try to find a job. However, besides my old buzz cut which I totally hated, I've never really had any other style of short hair. But I have realized I could always just shave my head all the way, although my head would probably be a bit pale from all these years of hair.

So, my question to UG is...Short hair, or no hair?
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I'd go for a compromise, don't have short or long hair, just have it in between..

*tries to think of an example*

Jeff Buckley

Shaved head: No
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I'd go for a compromise, don't have short or long hair, just have it in between..

*tries to think of an example*

Jeff Buckley

kind of looks like james fran co

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i say cut it short, but gel it up and grow sideburns

thats what i did
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short hair dude but either way its gonna look ****ty. my friend kinda had the same experience he had real long hair and got caught giving away perscription drugs (ambien) anyways one of the dudes took more than he was supposed to and overdosed and almost died. so his dad made him cut his hair and that was his punishment. i just wish i didn't have to give back that ambien.
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Jeff Buckley hair ftw!

Which reminds me, I need longer hair, so I can have the longer style Jeff Buckley hair <3

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shaved head is a f******* no no
Short Hair.
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